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     Texas Mag LLC is the owner of the TexasMag registered trademark. It was started in 1998 for magnesium brine products. The sources of magnesium brine in the U.S. include California, Utah and Texas. The primary products made with brine water include dust control agents, roadway de-icers and soil stabilizers. The brine sources used in these products depend on price and the location where the product is used. TexasMag products are used in the mid west, north west and the southern U.S.

     Magnesium chloride is used as a roadway de-icer because it lowers the freezing point when sprayed on ice or added to water. It is used as a road stabilizer because it increases the surface tension of the bound water content of road base materials. This prevents pot holes and wash boarding of the road surface. Magnesium chloride is an excelent dust suppressant because it is hydrophilic and holds water preventing dusting of road surfaces. Magnesium chloride, used as a pond or pit sealant, bonds with clay and forms aggregates that creates a water barrier.

     TexasMag products are non-toxic and used in public water systems. Magnesium chloride is completely safe for the environment. It is a required nutrient for all living organisms and is used as an ingredient in livestock feed. as well as a vegetable fertilizer enhancer.


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